Friday, August 28, 2009

SDN Search just got a bit better

We just pushed another small enhancement for our updated search now featuring “top results” functionality.
Coveo is not only a great search engine, but it also gives you plenty of reporting about what users search for on the website which is absolutely critical for such a resource as SDN.
We learnt that most searches are related with “fundamental” keyword, “sitecore security” and “media” so we picked out the most relevant documentation and instructed Coveo search to put them at the top of the list.
Check it out ;-)
top results 
Thank you for the feedback we got so far and of course, more enhancements are coming soon.


Lebeg said...

Hi Alex, can you list blogs included in search?

Me said...

Can we search by Sitecore version? I keep seeing information for 5.3 when I'm running 6.x...

Alex Shyba said...

Refinement by version is something that we scheduled for the next phase.
For now, you could use the "PDF" refinement as most of official docs on Sitecore 6 are in this format.

FishOfPrey said...

Can the website search include the Sitecore Certified Developers forum content? (assuming you are logged in)

I've tried searching for CryptographicException and found I have to perform the search separately in the forum to find the posts.

Alex Shyba said...

The search on the forums is included into next phase. It is a bit complicated due to single sign on issues.