Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Firebird problem continued

If you are experiencing the following screen after launching the newly installed Sitecore with Firebird database enabled and the application pool problem is not the case, please follow the steps below in order to make it work. Please note that the Firebird server is not required to be installed on the web server at all. If restarting IIS doesn’t help in your case, I suggest you to ensure that the following security permissions are set for the Firebird databases. • ASPNET for XP or NETWORK SERVICE for 2003 Server – full control on the dist folder • IUSR – full control on the dist folder In addition, grant write rights for the data folder in IIS. Make appropriate security changes and reset the IIS.

Unable to load DLL (fbembed)

Sometimes the Firebird runtime couldn’t be loaded from the bin folder. The following error may appear: This should be cured by copying fbembed.dll to your system directory (c:\windows\system32).

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Layout Caching

In order to turn on layout caching, the following should be done:
  1. Ensure that the following web.config setting is set to false. Note that layout caching is disabled by default: <setting name="DisableBrowserCaching" value="true">
  2. Add “OutputCache” page directive with appropriate parameters to the layout (ASPX page) that you would like to cache.