Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cascading renderings in Sitecore Page Editor [Experimental]

Ok, here is something completely experimental. Consider the following real world example from Sitecore’s website. You have a section called “Customers” and you have a left rail where the leftnav typically sits. Now your marketers want the “call-to-action” rendering to be placed below the leftnav:

…and what’s important, have it cascade to all child pages (let’s take this as an example).
Another thing they want to make sure is to lock it down on those child pages so nobody can do anything with it in Page Editor (move, change properties, etc,)

Pretty interesting scenario, heh?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Have ‘/sitecore/content’ in your URLs? Time to fix it.

Alright, I’ve been wanting to blog about this for years now. Some recent posts on twitter inspired me. Finally. If you following ‘sitecore’ on twitter, you may be seeing a few tweets that apparently have nothing to do with Sitecore, it’s products and services, so when you look at the shortened URL in the tweet you see something like this:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Right tool for the job

I seriously doubt that anybody would disagree with me saying that Visual Studio 2010 is the best IDE to date on the planet. With the extension like Sitecore Rocks, TDS and Resharper, the Sitecore development simply cannot be more pleasant and productive.

I’ve just recently discovered a few more Visual Studio extensions that are extremely powerful, especially in Sitecore context.

Cannot login into Sitecore. [Friday Case]

A post about one of the most random problems ever. I was pulling my hair out for a while on this one, thus this definitely deserves the right to be highlighted in the “Friday Case” category.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Coolest & quietest Sitecore module release ever!

Specifically I am referring to the Sitecore Active Directory module and it’s new feature called “Custom Filters” that was added in the latest version 1.0.3 rev.111005.

Some customers were asking for it, so here is what you can do now.