Monday, January 31, 2011

Dreamcore is going to be even more fun this year!

What could be more fun than meeting your fellow Sitecore Enthusiasts and visiting beautiful Boston, especially in springtime? Learning about what’s new coming out, share ideas and best practices.
Well, you must have heard, we are doing it again!

As we still working hard on the agenda, but here are two known facts:

1. Yes, I will be speaking about common implementation scenarios. Specifics are coming soon.

2. Now exclusive information…just overheard it in the corridors of the marketing department.

This time we are going to have a special guest speaker: Carl Franklin!
In the world of technology, you know Carl as one of the first VB programmers, an extra famous Microsoft enthusiast, and of course, a founder and co-host of .NET Rocks!, an Internet audio talk show for people like you an me.

Again, specifics will be coming later, but rest assured that Carl’s inspirational message will leave no doubt that .NET Rocks! Along with that, we will be doing our own part, and show you exactly why Sitecore Rocks!

It is going to be so much fun! See you all in Boston!

Dreamcore 2011 is coming April 19-20, 2011 in Boston. Sign up now!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Color Picker Field for Sitecore

Here is a late Christmas present for the Sitecore community. A “ColorPicker” custom field that helps storing color codes in Sitecore.

The idea is simple: have a single line text box for color code storage and present the user with a good looking dialog to pick the color.

Technically speaking, there are two ways of color picking implemented.
The first approach is using native Internet Explorer’s color picker dialog and it is getting called via JavaScript.
The second one is using a custom built XamlSharp dialog with a ColorPicker control from ComponentArt. If you are using non IE browsers, the second dialog will be called.

Here is a short video about how it works. Turn those mics on!

Color Picker Module for Sitecore

Here are the installation steps:

1. Download the appropriate Sitecore package.
If you are planning on building the project yourself, use the “ColorPicker field items only” package.

2. Install it via Sitecore desktop.

3. After the installation, new custom field called “Color Picker” should be registered with the system.

To verify it, switch to “core” database and go to the following location: “/sitecore/system/Field types/Simple Types”

The “Color Picker” field should be there and should look like this:


Short user guide:

1. If the installation was successful, you can start using it.

2. Find the template you want to play with.

3. Create a field of type “Color Picker”


4. Create an item from this template.

5. Enjoy.


This shared source module has been implemented in collaboration with Artem Loboda (

Developed and tested on 6.4 Update-1. Expected to work with 6.3. There could be compatibility issues with earlier releases.

All the sources are published to our Shared Source Library. Thanks for the help, Jimmie :-)