Thursday, August 13, 2009

Announcement: New Search on SDN

First time writing a blog post from an airplane and such exciting news! I am pleased to inform about new search integration on our Developer Network.

This is initial launch featuring the following capabilities:
- Improved relevancy of search within the HTML documents, PDF, Word and other document types.
- Improved search performance.
- Refine your search by type of the document and location (you can search in release notes for example). 
-  Ability to search Sitecore Community Blogs and Shared Source Library.
- Save search results as RSS and keep yourself updated.
- Search within results, sort, save search query and filter.
- Perform advanced search.
- Rank search results.
search rating
- View cached documents with search term highlighting
- and many more.

All this above is provided by version 6 of Coveo Enterprise Search.

Hope it will make your search experience much better, for example include Forum search.
Please do comment as we are planning on enhancing this functionality further and adding Forum search. So we are eager to hear from you.

Now just logon and experience it!


Anonymous said...

Thats great news! Thanks! Looking forward to the forum search :)

Aren Cambre said...

This is a good step forward, although there are still problems that make Sitecore support significantly less usable than other products.

See the end of for a more detailed discussion.

Alex Shyba said...

Sorry for the confusion about the Forum search. What I meant in is that this functionality and further enhancements are on the list for next iteration. Updated the blog post.

Wendy said...

This is great - looking forward to the forum search as well. I would also love a feature where you could designate results that apply to 5.x and/or 6.x Sitecore versions.

Jukka-Pekka Keisala said...

Nice work. Definetly improvement (however, today it seems to be down).
I think it would help if you could "tag" your postings and articles in SDN. Then on the search page those tags would be available. Useful tags would be version numbers like Wendy mentioned on previous comment as well as stuff like XSLT, Search, Shell etc.

Mark Cassidy said...

Definitely good news :-)

Will poke around a bit, see how it all plays out ;-)