Thursday, September 03, 2009

List of blogs indexed on SDN

Greetings! Some of you asked - here is the list of blogs we currently index on new SDN search.

If your blog is not in the list, please submit it to the comments below and we will include it in the search.

BTW, the indexing logic is going to be improved soon, with posts only included into the index.
For those of you interested in tech details, it is kinda tricky since the URL format is not normalized, so it is not straightforward to setup the ignore rules and since we don’t have the control over the blog’s meta data, we have to be creative as usual :-)


Mark said...

Hi Alex,

Could include my blog ( in the search.

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Mark

Nariman Haghighi said...

Is this the same set that's included in the aggregate yahoo pipes feed for Sitecore blogs?

Anonymous said...

How about ;) The last couple of posts would tie-in with the announcement of the shared-source staging module.

Cobalt said...

Hi Alex,
Could you please include my blog in SDN Search


Alex Shyba said...

Thanks guys, I will make sure we add these blogs to the index and improve the search experience across blogging community.

Alex Shyba said...

Nariman, we do try keep in sync the yahoo pipe and the list of blogs we index.

Learn said...

Hi Alex,

Could you include ?