Friday, May 10, 2013

Sitecore 7: Upcoming Virtual Users Group

Join me and the host Michael Shaw on May 15th 9:00 AM Pacific, Noon Eastern, 5:00 PM UK. Here is the link.

And here is the list of the topics I am planning on covering:

  1. Migrating your Advanced Database Crawler / Sitecore Search Contrib based solution to Sitecore 7.
    This part should also be useful for the developers who did not work with this shared source module, as I will be going through some configuration elements and extension points.
  2. Dissecting a Sitecore 7 demo site built for developers by developers.
    A few months back, I was designated to be one who will be drinking our own champagne, i.e. building a site on Sitecore 7. I’d like to think that our developer group assumed I can out-drink them all, so the choice was obvious :-) But seriously speaking, we had a noble goal – try out all the new features and extensibility points while imagining different scenarios of how you will be using this new version.

    So here are the things I will be showing during the second part of the webinar:
    • What you can do with Linq.
    • Building an on-demand faceting experience.
    • Implementing your custom oData controller.

Hope you going to enjoy the experience. And hit ‘Register Now’ before it’s too late :-)


telcan said...
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Ivan said...

We are quite keen to see the migration from the advanced database crawler to Sitecore 7. We heavily used the module in our projects, will have to wait this part to be resolved until we can upgrade.