Thursday, June 02, 2011

Sitecore USA is looking for more brain power

Do you wake up in the morning and pop up Sitecore Rocks before getting your first cup of coffee? Can’t live without Sitecore? Here is your chance to join us in this continuing thrilling journey to success. We are looking for an experienced Solution Engineer.

Here is a short extract from the job description:

Solution Engineer

Sitecore USA is looking for an ASP.NET solution engineer to assist our implementation partners with best practices guidance, troubleshooting and complex customizations.
Sitecore is the leading Enterprise .NET Web Content Management System on the market today. The Solution Engineer will work from our Mill Valley, California office (just 10 minutes north of San Francisco) or our Northeast US office.
Sitecore implementations are handled by our network of partners. Because of the complex nature of the Sitecore system, however, our partners often need assistance in mapping customer requirements to implementation best practices. The Solution Engineer will work with partners to understand customer requirements and determine the proper implementation approach. The Solution Engineer may also create prototypes of these requirements. In addition, the Solution Engineer may troubleshoot implementations that are experiencing performance or functional issues.
Full job description here.