Thursday, December 03, 2009

Partial (Item) Cache Clearing Module – SitecoreStager (update)

A quick update. We have released new version of the Staging module with the full support of partial item cache clearing.
Not everyone was comfortable with full cache clearing process and that we released Stager as a shared source, now we have an official, supported, ready to go component addressing this need.

If you are not using Stager (I blogged about it some time ago) yet and have Staging module installed, seriously consider upgrading.

Check out the release notes here, there are some important things fixed also.


Anonymous said...

So is the Staging Module now support partial clear or should we still use SitecoreStager or=

Alex Shyba said...

If you have purchased the module, then yes - upgrade definitely.
If you don't have a license and use custom code right now, switch to Stager shared source. Longer term, consider getting the license for the module since you will get a supported component, plus there is a guarantee that the official module will be evolving while the progress on the shared source component is based on best effort.