Friday, November 11, 2011

Sitecore Analytics Database Manager

Great news! Our brilliant engineers from the Customer Service Department developed a very useful and, I would say, critically important tool that helps Sitecore administrators in maintenance activities on the OMS 1.x database.

First off, it is well integrated into Sitecore’s Control Panel:
and provides a really nice wizard based interface that guides the user through main admin and maintenance tasks:
Looks very native if you ask me.
Here is where you can find more about it:
And here is a snippet from the project’s description:
This module provides a set of tasks that might be helpful to optimize the using of Sitecore Analytics…
  • Clean up the unnecessary data from the Analytics database.
  • Remove BOTs sessions.
  • Perform the indexes rebuilding of the Analytics database.
  • Quickly create a backup of the analytics data.
  • Synchronize the Analytics Definitions to use the clean Analytics database on the existing solution.
An absolute must have for any Sitecore implementations with OMS enabled.


mike said...

Hi Alex, I got exception in ADM 2.0.

The similar has been posted at,

I was running Bounce Cleanup.

Job started: Analytics Database Manager
An exception occurred during running the SQL command. Please check the log file for details.
Short info: The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK_Pages_Visitors". The conflict occurred in database "Analytics", table "dbo.Pages", column 'VisitorId'.
The statement has been terminated.
Job ended: Analytics Database Manager (units processed: )


Alex Shyba said...

Hi Mike,

The module developer, Artem, answered on the forum:

If you have any further issues with ADM, please file them here: