Monday, March 29, 2010

Dreamcore is coming. Hope to see you in Boston!

If you read this, you may have already registered for Dreamcore or at least thought about it. For those who have not heard about it, this is the first Sitecore partner conference that offers huge opportunity to learn about cutting edge stuff we do with the products, do some networking, share experience and of course have fun!

I am proud to be presenting at developer tracks with the following topics. Here is the brief abstract of those:
- Data Retrieval Techniques with Sitecore
Everyone knows that Sitecore CMS gives you tons of options in every aspect of development. Knowing how to access Sitecore data is very important. Knowing what approach is more efficient for certain requirements is absolutely critical. In this session, I outline different use cases and covers multiple ways to address each of them using such methods as traditional data access API, Sitecore Query, Fast Query, Search Index, Database Crawler, Link Database, etc. After the session the attendee will be able to easily match a use case with the most appropriate and performing way to address it.
- Using Lucene.NET with Sitecore
This topic is related to “Data Retrieval Techniques with Sitecore” and goes deeper in exploration of Lucene.NET implementation in Sitecore. During this session the I will demonstrate the real world use case of this technology for the CMS reporting.

Our search analytics proved that Lucene is the most demanding topic on SDN, so hope it is appropriate.

Any feedback about the specifics of what you would like to see is appreciated!


Sergey Lesnikov said...

Good Luck Bro! May your presentation be as stunning and eye-catching as the iPad revealing ceremony by Steve Jobs :)