Friday, July 17, 2009

Item, Memory and Timing Thresholds Demystified

There seem to be a lot of confusion on the forums on this topic, so the doc team updated the article about why the warnings are commonly appearing in live environments even when the code is optimized.

The basic idea is that the functionality was not designed for usage under load tests or in production, so the best way would be to simply disable this functionality in production systems. Otherwise, your log files will be just filled with warnings and it will make difficult reading them.
To disable, simply remove the StartMeasurements processor from the “httpRequestBegin” pipeline and “StopMeasurements” from “httpRequestEnd”.

I suggest you do use the thresholds in QA when running tests, just make sure you have a single request test to identify the problematic pages.

Same rules apply to media requests that report threshold violations. If this happens under a single user load, make sure you don’t have a crazy number of items in the requested branch. I’ve seen media libraries when that was the case.

Take it easy.