Thursday, October 18, 2007

Things to remember before going to production

  1. Load testing with best in breed tools.
  2. Scan the Sitecore log files for latest 3 days and...
    • Any exceptions in the Sitecore Log files should be reported to tech support.
    • Any exceptions related to .NET Framework, ASP.NET worker process in the System Event Log should be investigated and reported to tech support.
  3. Special attention should be paid to the Item and Memory threshold warning in the log file.

The important thing to notice is the Page URL. If the front-end pages (not /sitecore/...  pages) are listed in these reports, there could be a potential problem in the code or ways to enhance to logic.

For example, the warning below shows that the timing exceeded the predefined limit:

5736 10:33:36 WARN  Timing threshold exceeded for web page. Milliseconds: 13072.38. Threshold: 7500. Page URL: /Default.aspx

while this message says that the logic of the page is trying to access more that the predefined limit of items:

6548 10:33:49 WARN  Item threshold exceeded for web page. Items accessed: 16715. Threshold: 7500. Page URL: /Default.aspx

So your actions:

  1. Identify the rendering logic producing such delay and heavy logic using Sitecore Debug mode.
  2. Refactor the code according to best practices (more about this below).
  3. Verify that this helped by scanning the log files and using Debug mode.

Best Practices and Techniques:

More about the predefined threshold parameters:


Lars Nielsen said...

Good post,

We need more articles on server architecture and post-production actions.