Sunday, November 13, 2005

My First Blog Posting

Well, just came into my mind that it would be nice to have some blog space. Here I could put some notes regarding support cases, total amount of which do not tend to shorten from day to day. We'll see what may come of this idea...


Mark Cassidy said...

Hi, and thanks for a nice initiative on this blog :-)

Please, would you enable Site Syndication in your settings? I tried getting /Atom.xml to feed the blog to my newsreader, but got a file-not-found.

Alternatively, inform us about the name of the syndication file :-)

Thanks in advance.

Alex Shyba said...

Hi, the problem occurred due to the left <o:p> tag after pasting from Word :-). So it's ok now. You can refer to it using this link:

I've also added a link to this feed into the links list.

You can find official Sitecore Scrapbook here:
There you can notice some working notes from other guys from Sirecore Support Team.